Down The Rabbit Hole, An Introduction

This really has been too long… My name is Rick and I’m 36 and I’m a total book-worm.

My love of books began from a very early age. My parents read to me from and encouraged me to read that’s where it took off. I discovered local libraries and just became obsessed, most half terms from school I would be in the library trying to double the target of the reading challenges. this still continues now on Goodreads.

I love everything about books and reading and absolutely love going into second-hand book shops sometimes just for the smell of old books.Every town I visit once of the first things I enquire about is where the bookshops are I have been lucky enough in the past to work as a bookseller and have to say if the opportunity arose to do so once again I would be overjoyed

So what to expect from this blog you ask?

Monthly reviews about the books that I have read also you can see what I am currently reading so if you have suggestions I am always on the lookout for new books and authors. News and events from the Book trade, New releases, Award Ceremonies etc. so I hope that you enjoy this adventure

Once last thing… I would like to thank my fellow bookworm girlfriend Mel for the love, support and belief in me to take up such an endeavour.


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